Course Description

Image from the Queen's Drama production of Crave by Sarah Kane (2004)

DRAM100 is an introduction to significant concepts and issues in the study of drama and in the role of drama in society. The course will take an inquiry-based learning approach and engage with these topics through question and investigation. We will explore a range of topics from acting to devising theatre, from criticism to directing, and from stage design to theories of the theatre. Consistent with the overall liberal arts perspective of the drama program here at Queen’s, we will encourage critical thinking about the communicative role of theatre in society and the analysis of what makes good theatre.

Class meeting: Mondays 1-2:20pm and Wednesdays 11:30am-12:50pm (plus a weekly 1.5 hr lab)
Location: Convocation Hall in Theological Hall 2nd floor

Course Instructors: Jenn Stephenson & Grahame Renyk

Jenn’s email: jenn.stephenson (at)

Jenn’s office location: Carruthers 307

Jenn’s office hours: Wednesdays 2:30-4pm or by appointment

Jenn’s office phone: 533-6000 ext 78597

Grahame’s email: renykg (at)

Grahame’s office location: Theological Hall 303

Grahame’s office hours: TBA

Grahame’s office phone: 533-6000 ext 78884

The course also has a generic email address: This address should be used for extension requests and general questions. Any personal correspondence should go to one of the instructors’ email addresses.

Download PDF of the course syllabus
Additional info about the structure of DRAM100

Image source: Queen’s Drama production of Crave by Sarah Kane. February 2004.


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